Workitem #6244 - request for code review

Hi, i fixed workitem #6244 (
workitem #6244, added format '%N' to time.strftime · enricosada/IronLanguages@c9d8339 · GitHub),
i added ‘%N’ option to time.strftime.

I added also the test to strftime mspec. I dont think i need to change
ironruby-tags-19, because the new test should pass now.

This is my first commit to ironruby, wiki say i need to ask to ml for
review before pull request. There is other i need to do?

Thanks! Looks good. Submit a pull request and I’ll merge it in.

You can submit a pull request along with sending it to the mailing list
for code review; it’s a good way to keep track of open reviews.


On a related note, we should come up with a better way to keep our copy
of RubySpec in sync with the “truth”: Volunteers welcome.