Working with Google Analytics

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your help earlier.

My company, is close on the heels of launching our
APIs - AirportLookup (shameless plug - it is going to be the largest
and I want to track the requests coming in through Google Analytics.

My idea is that if somehow, I can call Urchin JS in the background (from
controller), I should be able to register it as a visit.

Note that we are rendering XML as the output of the controller and also,
don’t want to add ~300ms to every response (so some asynchronous call
be great)

Is this a possibility or am I smoking pot? If so, how do I do it?

I know we can do using log parsing but it is just too many places to
for the data at that point of time.

Please let me know


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You’re going to need to make the call from the client IP, and unless you
require that front end code from your side runs in the end user’s
browser that won’t happen. You might try something like the site
statistics gem and perhaps customize it for your needs. Granted, google
Analytics is way cooler. However, storing your own log data depending on
your storage capabilities might actually open you up to more analysis
potential later.
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