Working with forms


I’m very new to Ruby and haven’t really spent much time on it. I’m
hoping for some enlightenment.

I’m in the process of designing a financial application that I hope
can be web based. It’ll connect to either MySQL or PostgreSQL
(preferred) for data storage. I’m anticipating a good size dataset
around 10-40 gigs of data.

So here’s the question: how well does Ruby work with forms and how
robust is it working with forms?

The prototype that I have is in Access and Access is great when it
comes to creating complex forms with calculations and triggered events
that looks up specific data. The eventual program will need a fairly
decent sized grid layout like Excel and hopefully can support graphs
that nest neatly into small regions of the web page.

I’ve looked at sample Ruby websites and so far I’ve only come across
text based websites with no dynamic or static forms. Does Ruby
support these graphic UI forms? If not, what additional program would
I need to add to the Ruby/Rail mix to make it happen?

I would like to keep this as a thin client application (i.e. web
based) and not go the route of full blown .exe program. Any
suggestions would be great and if there are website that has forms
built with Ruby I would appreciate the links.