Workflow suggestions request

Hi All,

I’m getting into Radiant (and loving it - props all), but am
wondering if anyone has some workflow suggestions for me. At the
moment I’m editing pages, templates and snippets via the admin
interface, but this has several problems for me:

  • no backups or versioning (I know versioning is on the roadmap)
  • no easy way to sync localhost and live copies of these files
  • the browser is a sucky text editor :slight_smile:

Previously I’ve used Movable Type, and while Radiant makes it feel
bloated and decrepit it has a wonderful feature to link CMS-managed
templates to files, whereby if you change the file the database
version is automatically updated and vice versa. This means I can
link up templates to standard text files and use a nice text editor/
svn for backup/rsync for deployment.

Is anyone working on a plugin for this, or is there any thought to
include this down the road? I came across a hint about using SQLite
and just uploading the database file for deployment, but I’m wanting
something that’ll work with MySQL. Alternatively does anyone have any
other workflow suggestions for developing sites in Radiant? I’d love
to hear them!

At least it’s not taking forever rebuilding a ton of static files
like MT used to when editing templates via the browser huh :wink:

peace - oli

Joyent ported Radiant to Slingshot, which is a way to run Rails apps
offline and update the online version when connecting. You might look
into that if you can’t use the web interface all the time.

Of course, there’s always the option of writing a new extension.


This may help: