Work schedules etc. (was Re: Ruby Certification Test)

I would be down with only working 20 hours a week. I’d question the
rest of it, though.

Around here it’s almost impossible to earn a living working 20
hours/week. Either they pay high but expect you to work almost 24/7 or
they pay so low that you have to work almost 24/7. Positions where you
get anything else are quite rare.

Actually that’s not so far from true in the States also. If you can
find a tech job that pays well at part-time, or even find consulting
where you can just do part-time hours, it’s a pretty valuable thing.
You can make six figures working full-time if you’re good, but for
some reason it’s a lot trickier to make five figures working
part-time, whether you’re good or not.

Yet most of the useful work is done in China almost for free so most
of the stuff people do here for living is useless nonsense. Yay, the
awesome free market.

Companies in the US are doing the same thing, but recently (if I
understand correctly) the costs of programmers in India became nearly
equivalent to the costs of programmers in the States, with added costs
for communication across languages, cultures, and time zones.

Giles B.