Wordpress to Ruby

Hi all,

I’m writing a script to take all posts from my old Wordpress blog, and
insert them into my Typo blog.

I was just wondering does anyone know what the minimum requirements of
the Typo blog system to keep everything running properly are?

I’m inserting variables for:

type = ‘Article’
author = supplied at runtime
created_at = original wordpress post creation date
user_id = id of author, author will be supplied at runtime and if
invalid, will fail
permalink = title with spaces transformed to _, and if it already
exists append an arbitrary amount of _ to the title
text_filter_id = ‘1’ - Appears to be default value
published = ‘1’ - Only taking published posts from previous blog
allow_pings = ‘0’ - Appears to be default
allow_comments = ‘1’ - Appears to be default
published_at = created_at
state = ‘published’

Do I need anything more??

Michael Dever

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I do know that there’s a
task for converting a WordPress database to Typo. Check out
vendor/plugins/typo_converter. If it doesn’t actually import your
it may still contain the information you’re looking for.

–Erik Ostrom
[email protected]