Wordpress.com switches to Nginx? 4 million page views per day

Wordpress.com which serves 4 million page views per day now appears to
have Nginx 06.29 as its frontend.


Wordpress.com is one of the top 100 most visited website in the States
according to Quantcast getting 4 million page views per day.


Read this article for details:

Thanks for sharing the news. They have been using LiteSpeed for a while.

Last year in WordCamp, they mentioned that they are using more than
100 servers running WP.com, so this is great news for Nginx to go
mainstream in the US.



kingler from 72pines

On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 5:10 PM, HonDev D.

Just to point out, WordPress.com has 4 million page views, which will
likely have more than 4 million HTTP requests…


Anyways, sounds like a lot of big media sites are using Nginx :slight_smile:


4 million page views doesn’t include, assets, or admin access by each
user it only includes people actually going and reading an article.

That being said, congratulations Bob. That’s a whole lot of HTTP

P.S. your sites have nice themes.

We do WAY more than 4 million HTTP requests a day at Mochi Media w/
Nginx, powering mochiads.com, mochibot.com, etc… and we’ve been
using Nginx for well over a year :slight_smile: Good news!

(though we manage to do this with far fewer servers)