Woo Hoo! First Rails App Goes Live!


Hey guys,

I just wanted to thank you all for your help. I just put the final
features of v1.0 of my very first rails application. It’s an ecommerce-
type site without the shopping cart part. So it’s more of a catalog.

I went from thinking about doing playing w/ rails… to learning the
basics of rails… designing mockups for a client… revising &
getting approval on the design from client… to setting up my own
rails web server (with slicehost)… to creating a full catalog site
with complete admin functionality… to today… in 3 weeks. I could
probably recreate this in 2 days now that I know how to do it.

This is a testament to the power of rails!

Here are the resources I used in the last 3 weeks:

  • Ruby on Rails Group on Google G.
  • Agile Web D. With Rails book
  • RailsCasts.com
  • RailsPlus.com
  • will_paginate plugin
  • Slicehost.com web hosting (highly recommended but only if you’re
    willing to learn. it’s not easy to set up for ppl virgin to linux but
    its doable if you can follow directions in the tutorials)
  • Articles.Slicehost.com (for setting up my web server/slice)

What you think?

~ mel

PS: Many of the products are currently not in the system yet. Client
has control of that… and will be adding them “soon”.

Very nice! Now, if you really want to take advantage of rails, ADD a
shopping cart, lol.

Although the link to your website “Volcanic Internet Marketing”
doesn’t work. Better buy your domain name before I do, lol.


Oops :slight_smile: Fixed. Thnx for looking out.

RE: Shopping cart
The client is a start-up so in order to keep their costs low, I’m not
adding any of the shopping cart facilities yet. Plus, I’m not ready to
think through all the security implications. I’ll probably add in
about a month or two… before the grand opening of their retail

Nice work, Mel. Congrats and best wishes for success with your site!

Best regards,

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Congrats on your first live Rails app. It’s pretty responsive and looks
good. Subject matter is interesting, too. Shopping carts are an entire
world unto themselves. Figure out what your requirements might be and
look into something like Google Checkout or Paypal payment buttons.