Wizard pages


I am implementing a wizard entry form and ran across the job board on
37signals, which I think could come in quite handy. The URLs are
encoded the following way:

https://jobs.37signals.com/jobs/new => 1st page
https://jobs.37signals.com/jobs/new;preview => 2nd page, the preivew

How would the corresponding controller/action look like and how the
form_tag in the form?

Thanks much,

These are done using resources. From

map.resources :messages, :new => { :new => :any, :preview => :post }

–> POST /messages/new;preview (maps to the #preview action)

also adds a named route called “preview_new_message”

–> /messages/new can be invoked via any request method

This is all rails 1.2.x stuff. Here’s a tutorial I googled:
http://www.eribium.org/?p=71, but there are probably better links out