Wizard like data entry

Hello after having searched the forums I couldn’t find any solution to
this problem:

I want to implement a multi step form across models.

Step 1: Enter requested username/ password/image etc - User model
Step 2: Enter Employer Job Conditions information - EmployerJobCondition
Step 3: Enter Canditate Job Conditions information -
CandidateJobCondition model
In the third step only I want to store all the informations.

The problem is if a user is created in step 1 and then exits his browser
during step 2, thus a record in the users table is dangling, no good.Any
suggestion for wizard like data entry? Ive looked at the Wizard plugin
(http://github.com/crankin/wizard/tree/master), however it doesnt seam
like it addresses the issue mentioned above.
Pls help by giving suggestions for the above mentioned problem .
Thanks in advance.

Hi dude

iam quite new to ROR

i have seen ur post in google groups regarding ruby on rails multiple-
page form…
even i am stuck in tat…can u pl send me the application or any
examples related to the issue of Muti-page form

[email protected]

This is a “stateful” type processing, and you can do redirects after
each submit.
Also you can keep track of the time of the last state, and then use
rufus-scheduler to
run a cleanup task from time to time.

There is also a call in rails to let you redirect on the server, so on
the submit of step 1,
you redirect to the beginning of step 2.

You must also thing of the condition where the user stops in the

Rails after all is stateless, so your state should be in a table
Also depending on your implementation your step 1 etc may actually run
in a different
mongrel process if your doing load balancing.

If you need help, drop me a line.

My blog: http://mentalpagingspace.blogspot.com

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