Wish to hire mature RonR consultant

I’ve been developing RonR applications for three years and wish to
start making things a little easier.

I’d like to hire someone who is mature in their thinking to help me
find a solution.

My ambition is to find a way for users’ to upload graphic media
( photos, audio, video ) using a RESTful approach to someone elses’
server. The result in my programs would be to simply accept a “file
was uploaded successfully” reply and save the RESTful address in my
data files.

I know this can be done to AWS but the processing logic must be from
my applications, which I don’t want to do.

When my users’ uploaded a file to this service/strategy I would
receive back;

  1. thumbnail HTTP address
  2. Source file HTTP address

Did you ever drool when you look at how perfect the thumbnails are on
major sites such as Images.Google or BING? I am so envious as using
attachment_fu I’m always struggling to get these to look uniform.
Also, I continually have memory issues when I try to process
eccentricly sized files and resent having to pay for bigger resources
with my VPS when this all goes to image processing horsepower.

I am grateful for any reply.