Wired News Article on USRP and GNU Radio




Great article, Matt, congratulations - that would spread the software
work even more.

As much as it regards the freedom on bands, well it’s a dream in my
cause, as every freedom, it would be very easy to turn it into the
adavantage of few individuals with a loose ethical sense. I mean that
freedom is based on each other’s respect, and this is something that
the most civilized society cannot still count on.

Just as an example I can think about the ham radio bands, whithin which
there is enough freedom, with only a few gentlemen agreements to
Well, you prefectly know how many individuals cannot cope even with
simple not written rules, and we’re talking about a hobby - think about
something that is business related and a greater form of freedom will
turn into an advantage for those that circumvent rules as a lifestlyle.

Neverthless I am a dreamer, and I hope that sooner or later we will
to that better sense of civil respect, where we will effectively need
regulations, because we will be able to auto regulate on the base of the
good common sense, always keeping an eye on the fact that our freedom
where the one of our neighbour begins.


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Hello, has anyone any informations about the remote weather sensors from
oregon scientific? I have one that I would like to receive with my
and USRP - the one I have has five channels to choose from (I do not
know if
they are logical channels or physical different frequencies) and it
transmits temperature, exact time as received from DCF77 and humidity. I
have done some googling but have been not successful in finding protocol



Matteo C. wrote:

Hello, has anyone any informations about the remote weather sensors from
oregon scientific?

If you have the FCC ID from a label on the device, you can search here:


-Johnathan, AE6HO