Windows, ODBC and charsets

Hi all,
I’ve found very few on the net in regards of Windows and the option
available in the ODBC Driver/ODBC Driver Manager.
So the following problem still remain unsolved:

irb> require ‘odbc’
irb> conn = ODBC::connect(‘giomai_db_dsn’, ‘sa’, ‘password’ )
irb> query = conn.prepare("select * from città where idcittà = 1)
irb> query.execute
ODBC::Error: 37000 (170) [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL
Server]Riga 1: sintassi non corretta in prossimitα di ‘à’.
from (irb):xx:in `execute’
from (irb):xx

This is from Commands Prompt that use
Tabella codici attiva: 850 ----------> CP850
that doesn’t include the ‘α’ character of the error message, and that is
the same both,
if toggle on or off the option ‘convert data characters’ in Driver
configuration from Windows ODBC driver manager.
Beside, in linux, I solved setting ‘character code = UTF8’ in
because the DB use CP1252, and this way it doesn’t influence the entire

In fact, in windows, it also results in error from rail execution:
( RadRails )
Exception occurred during reader method compilation.
Maybe IDCitt� is not a valid Ruby identifier?
compile error
syntax error, unexpected tSTRING_BEG, expecting ‘)’
def IDCitt�; missing_attribute(‘IDCitt�’, caller) unless
@attributes.has_key?(‘IDCitt�’); ([email protected][‘IDCitt�’]) && (v.to_i
rescue v ? 1 : 0); end

I don’t know where to investigate,
because linux also use ruby-odbc, I think!
But using Client ODBC in windows I have good result on the same table,
maybe because the client convert the characters code for the output

Can you help me?


On Fri, 22 Oct 2010 04:53:06 -0500, Cosimo G.
[email protected] wrote in
[email protected]:

On 22 Okt., 11:53, Cosimo G. [email protected]

Server]Riga 1: sintassi non corretta in prossimitα di ‘à’.
from (irb):xx:in `execute’
from (irb):xx

As Soon As you are using non ASCII chars for column ( or table ) names
You has to use the utf-8 charset. So you need a
require ‘odbc_utf8’

And you has to convert your query strings from cp850 to utf-8 with
And you may have to convert you result from utf-8 back to cp850.

Thank you KlausG,
I’m been able to execute read/write query on the DB
from command line following your instructions.

Using – require ‘odbc_utf8’ – I’ve UTF-8 result that can be converted
in iconv.

Same way, translating the string before the prepare statement it is
…the right string! :slight_smile:

can I suppose that rails use – require ‘odbc_utf8’ – ?
I don’t think so!

Let’s go looking for this switch…

Cosimo G. wrote in post #957424:

can I suppose that rails use – require ‘odbc_utf8’ – ?
I don’t think so!

Let’s go looking for this switch…

I’ve found someone with same interest here:

and Christan tells us in his README:
Thus, depending on the -K option of ruby one could use
that code snippet:

 if $KCODE == "UTF8" then
   require 'odbc_utf8'
   require 'odbc'

But in sqlserver_adapter.rb i can only find a line:
require_library_or_gem ‘odbc’ unless defined?(ODBC)

So I inserted a require “odbc_utf8” in environment.rb,

I’ve choosed to change sqlserver_adapter.rb instead, replacing the above
with the following line:
require_library_or_gem ‘odbc_utf8’ unless defined?(ODBC_UTF8)

It works!
Do you think that can result in some problems?

Thank you, again,
I’ve been spending a lot of time digging up for this result.

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