Windows nginx Gryphon

20:43 19-3-2015 nginx Gryphon

Based on nginx 1.7.11 (19-3-2015, last changeset 6024:199c0dd313ea)

  • Openssl-1.0.1m (CVE-2015-0204, CVE-2015-0286, CVE-2015-0287,
    CVE-2015-0292, CVE-2015-0293, CVE-2015-0209, CVE-2015-0288)
  • In some cases the nginx processes won’t stop normally when it’s
    stopped (workers are still busy), it is advised to add this line:
    TASKKILL /F /IM “nginx*”
    at the end of your ‘ngx_stop.cmd’ file to make sure no workers are
    behind before a new master and workers are started
  • Source changes back ported
  • Source changes add-on’s: no changes
  • Changes for nginx_basic: Source changes back ported
  • Scheduled release: no (openssl fixes)
  • Additional specifications: see ‘Feature list’
  • This is a non scheduled release of the last in the Gryphon series

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Posted at Nginx Forum:

Hey itpp i am curious if you know the cause of a bug with your windows

It is something to do with the worker processes.

For some reason when i have “worker_processes auto;” i will occasionaly
recieve a unknown web server error (usualy means a timeout) from
but when i set it to “worker_processes 1;” i do not recieve the error
there some kind of dropped request between nginx and the very first
connection to a new worker process ?

Its like it drops or cancels the first request for the worker process
its auto. Its very difficult to figure out what has been causing the

And with my “worker_processes 1;” set to be 1 worker will it ever be
restarted or need to restart or it should be fine like that. because i
deliever all my traffic just fine with one worker still but that timeout
error occassionaly was annoying everyone.

Posted at Nginx Forum:

I will leave it at 1 it works fine and i no longer encounter that
timeout error.

Posted at Nginx Forum:

Don’t use auto, set worker_processes to a value where high performance
cpu(s) around 50% max, this can be 2, 4, etc…

Windows server 2012 is AFAIK the only version which can scale cpu’s
the auto value has any use.

Some cpu’s can easily handle 2-4 workers per cpu, some only 1 per cpu,
varies because there are a number of variables like cpu type, bus type
speed, xeon quads, how many real cpu lines going to each cpu, type of

We runs test with 4 workers on 1 vcpu which works fine on xen, hv and vb
not on vmware (2 max).

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Also i just saw you added into the latest builds a PHP opcache config

Check out my post here.

You need to do that to configure Zend Opcache to shares it memory with
php-cgi processes and if you use windows set a app pool id.

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