Window stacking order not changeable?

I’ve got a bunch of non-modal windows that cause other windows to open -
sometimes via show(self) and sometimes via double-clicking in a

The windows are stacked strangely - some of them open behind others.

More strangeness: When I click on a window, it does not come to the

Yet more: For some windows, when I minimize and then restore, it does
come to the front; other windows don’t.

Bonus strangeness: some windows can be individually minimized; some
windows take others with them when they are minimized.

Any thoughts on what could be causing any of this, or how to get control
of it?


Refer to the example project child_window in visualruby. That shows how
to open windows.

I’m guessing that you’re calling the show() method twice in your code
because you’re dealing with non-modal windows.


No, actually I was passing in self to the show() method because that’s
how it used to be done for non-modal windows. (Or something like that.)
Anyway, passing no parameters to show() fixed the problem.


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