Win32screenshot 1.0.0 - The New Beginning

Capture Screenshots on Windows with Ruby to bmp, gif, jpg or png

win32screenshot has finally made it to the version 1.0.0 (that’s
partly because Semantic Versioning ( rules are being

It’s taken over 4 years to arrive to that version number and i’m
pretty happy with the results.

Install it with gem install win32screenshot and start using.

What’s so special about this version?

  • With the previous versions of win32screenshot you had to have
    installed ImageMagick and RMagick to save pictures into some other
    format than bmp. I think everyone who has walked that path knows how
    pain-in-the-*** these things feel. Starting from this version
    ImageMagick and RMagick are not needed to have to be installed! All
    necessary ImageMagick libraries/binaries are bundled with the gem to
    allow saving screenshots into bmp, gif, jpg and png formats.

  • The API got changed a lot (meaning that this version is backwards
    incompatible), hopefully to the better. Check out the examples below:

    require ‘win32/screenshot’

    Take a screenshot of the window with the specified title

    Win32::Screenshot::Take.of(:window, :title => “Windows Internet

    Take a screenshot of the foreground


    Take a screenshot of the specified window’s top-left corner’s area

    Win32::Screenshot::Take.of(:window, :title => /internet/i, :area =>
    [10, 10, 20, 20]).write(“image.jpg”)

    Take a screenshot of the window with the specified handle

    Win32::Screenshot::Take.of(:window, :hwnd =>

    Take a screenshot of the child window with the specified internal

class name
Win32::Screenshot::Take.of(:rautomation, => 123456).
child(:class => “Internet

Use the bitmap blob for something else

image = Win32::Screenshot::Take.of(:window, :hwnd => 123456)
image.height # => height of the image
image.width # => width of the image
image.bitmap # => bitmap blob


  • Bundling all necessary libraries/binaries with the gem - ImageMagick
    and RMagick are no more needed, finally!
  • Using MiniMagick to save images to gif, jpg and png format
  • Simplified and deleted a lot of code causing backwards
    incompatibility and major API changes!
    Refer to the README.rdoc and documentation for the overview of the
    new and better API
  • From now on this library is following Semantic Versioning (http:// rules

Check out the source code at GitHub - jarmo/win32screenshot: Capture Screenshots on Windows with Ruby

Jarmo P.