WIN32OLE Question

newbie question from one not too familiar with windows ole…

is there a way to determine if a windows application has win32ole
automation capabilities? if i understand what i’ve read correctly, if
a component is listed in the mmc component service dcom config menu it
has ole server capability.

how can one tell what methods are available to manipulate the
underlying component. i’m trying to work with an application on a
remote machine but need to know what i can do.

any and all help is greatly appreciated,

I don’t have time to hunt it down right now, but there are
several free(speech & beer) ole/com browsers out there, that will
display all the available objects for you to play with, and their
methods. There’s even one written in ruby.
Google for something like ruby win32 com browser, and see if you find


hi kyle,

awesome - thanks for giving me a jab in the right direction. much
appreciated! (now the trick is to make heads or tails of the
information i do get…)