Win32ole and activex


Hello all,

I tried to use win32ole standardlib with an activex control but I got
‘Library not registered’ error message.
Here is the code :

require ‘win32ole’
sf =‘MapWinGIS.Shapefile’)

method_missing’: Unknown property or method `Open’
HRESULT error code:0x8002801d
Library not registered

The open method is present in the specs and the library is registered so
I don’t understand.

I’m not familiar with windows programming so the way I use to connect to
the activex with ruby is perhaps not the good one.

Does anybody know where the problem come from ?

Thank you.




Are you using soleb.rb application? I ran into similar problems on an
app I
have been working with. I was able to use soleb.rb to see how things
actually being exposed by the WIN32OLE libraries and found significant
variances between “spec” and “actual”.