Win32-taskscheduler 0.2.0

Hi all,

The Win32Utils Team is happy to announce the release of
win32-taskscheduler 0.2.0!

= What is it?
An interface to the MS Windows Task Scheduler (the Windows analogue of
cron). With this library you can create and configure programs to run at
specified times.

= What’s new?
Version 0.2.0 is now pure Ruby!

In addition, the TaskScheduler#exists? method was added, and the
Task#new_work_item method now accepts symbols as well as strings for
keywords. The keys are now validated, too.

There was also one bug fix. The TaskScheduler::ONCE constant is now
handled properly.

= How do I get it?
gem install win32-taskscheduler

Or visit the project page, and grab & insall the source manually from

= And now the bad news
Version 0.2.0 does not currently support Windows Vista or later
(Microsoft changed the API). However, support will be added in the next

But, it will work on Windows XP and Windows 2003.


The Win32Utils Team