Win32::Screenshot 0.0.6


I’m happy to announce that new version of Win32::Screenshot got just

You can get it by “gem install win32screenshot”!

Win32::Screenshot - Capture Screenshots on Windows with Ruby

= 0.0.6 2010-08-07

  • Trying to bring window to the foreground more aggressively (Roger
  • Added utility class Win32::Screenshot.Util with some helper methods
    not related directly with taking of the screenshots:
    • all_windows - enumerates all windows and returns their titles and
      window handles as an Array (Roger P.)
    • window_title(hwnd) - returns title of the window for specified
      handle (Jarmo P.)
    • window_hwnd(title_query) - returns handle of the window for
      specified title (Jarmo P.)
    • dimensions_for(hwnd) - returns a width and height for a window
      with specified handle (Jarmo P.)
  • Removed a file ‘win32screenshot.rb’ which was solely used for
    displaying deprecation warnings for versions older than 0.0.4. Make
    sure than from now on all require statements require ‘win32/

== Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed usages of gdi32.dll BitBlt (Roger P.)
  • It was impossible to specify correctly window titles with regular
    expressions special characters in them (Roger P.)

Jarmo P.

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