Win32-pipe 0.2.0

Hi all,

The Win32 Utils Team is happy to announce the release version 0.2.0 of
the win32-pipe library.

= What is it?

An interface for named pipes on MS Windows.

= What’s new?

  • Now pure Ruby.
  • Major interface change. and replace
    Pipe.new_server and Pipe.new_client methods, respectively.
  • An optional 3rd argument, the open mode, is now accepted which allows
    control over how pipes are created.
  • Several pipe mode and open mode constants were added.
  • The asynchronous pipe server actually works now.
  • Added the Pipe#name method.
  • Added the Pipe#asynchronous? method.
  • Added the Pipe#size method as an alias for Pipe#length.
  • Added a Rakefile with tasks for testing and installation.
  • Added a gemspec and uploaded a gem file to RubyForge.
  • Merged the doc files into the README and/or replaced them with inlined
    comments that are RDoc friendly.

= Where can I get it?

The usual places - RubyForge or the RAA. Or just “gem install

Give the gem an hour or so to propogate if it doesn’t work right away.


The Win32 Utils Team