Win32-eventlog 0.4.0


Hi all,

The Win32 Utils Team is pleased to announce the release of version 0.4.0
of the win32-eventlog package!

What’s new?

It’s now pure Ruby! It has a gem! Compiler issues, be gone!

In addition, there was a major bug fix for the EventLog#tail method. We
also added the EventLog#full? method, as well as updated some of the
documentation, including fixes in the event log source tutorial.

Where is it?

You can get it via the RAA or just do: gem install win32-eventlog.
You’ll need the latest windows-pr package (0.5.0), which you should be
prompted for.

Any bad news?

It’s slower than the C version. This won’t be evident to you, however,
unless you’re performing repeated EventLog#read operations over large
numbers of log entries.


The Win32 Utils Team