Will using ajax to fetch email help protect againt harvest?

hi, i am creating site and would like to know what would be the best way
to, at the minimum, make it difficult for email harvesting program to
run through my application and get emails.

on a details page, could i have a ajax request that fetches the email
and update a div be of any use to making it difficult for spammers to
harvest emails?

Good idea, and it would probably work very well.
I implemented a system where if a user wasn’t logged in, the app would
not show contact information (phones and emails) unless they completed a
simple text-based captcha. Then the contact info would be loaded in the
div via AJAX. Then I scrapped it because I figured bots wouldn’t be
harvesting from my site. And I also used
mail_to “email_addy”, :endode => ‘hex’
to garble the addresses.


Interesting concept.

That would make it virtually impossible, actually.