Will paginate - how to display ... and restrict number of pages?

I want the digg style pagination which looks like this:

Does anyone know how to make the will_paginate plugin to restrict the
number of page links between the previous and next links? TIA.

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The :inner_window option tells the will_paginate view helper how many
links to display before and after the current page. So if you’re
displaying page 100 of 200, and :inner_window is 2, then there would
be links to 98, 99, (current page), 101, 102.

The :outer_window option determines the number of links that print
just after the beginning (“Prev”) and just before the end (“Next”) of
the list of links. Using the same example as before, setting
the :outer_window to 3 would result in this:
Next 1 2 3 … 98 99 (current page) 101 102 … 198 199 200 Prev