Will_paginate creating links for all in a ferret search

When I use act_as_ferret with will_paginate the first page of results
creates links for all items instead of the filtered result. On other
pages it works correctly. For example:

@users = User.paginate User.find_with_ferret(‘name:g*’), :page =>
params[:page] ||= 1, :per_page => 2

<%= will_paginate @users %>
<% for user in @users %>
<% end %>

<%=“Page Count: #{@users.total_entries}”%>

When on page 1 I get 7 results (which is all the items in the index)
instead of 3 which is the result count. When on page 2 or more it works
right showing 3 for total_entries. When I go back to 1 it shows 7
results again. Is there to correct this?