Wild ideas about fixtures


Hello everybody,

I wanted to bring testing to a higher level
The first idea was calling a rake script from within the test_helper …
to be honest, I don’t have a clue
how to do this … though I’m probably not going to do this, I would
love to know how I could if I wanted too.

The second Idea was using using the Fixture script from Geoffrey
Grosenbach. also in test_helper,
this doesn’t work because he uses (obviously) the test database and not
the development database
Is there a possibility to call this script before RoR switches to test

Maybe the first thing wasn’t such a bad thing, because I reuse the code
which is written for rake…
I could just copy paste it to the helper … but it’s already somewhere
so it sounds like duplication.

Anybody on automating creation of test_data / fixtures from the
development database ?

Kind Regards,
Jeroen van Doorn