Wikipedia mobile

Le créateur de HAML vient d’annoncer qu’il a été engagé par wikimedia
faire une version mobile de wikipedia qui tournera sur le cluster de
Wikipedia. Et ça utilisera Merb, enfin Rails3 maintenant:

[16:15] wikipedia (really wikimedia) hired me to manage the
source effort ot build a mobile wikipedia
[16:15] and so i want to use Merb (Rails 3, I guess)
[16:15] to build it
[16:15] i had an iPhone app that was backed by merb
[16:15] that is still running
[16:16] and i have taken a lot of that code
[16:16] GitHub - HamptonMakes/wikimedia-mobile: Wikimedia's Mobile Site in Merb
[16:16] it is functional right now
[16:16] and might be launched soon
[16:17] the server is being setup
[16:17] as we speak
[16:17] hcatlin: you need to bundle nokogiri in your app if
want it to run from bundled gems
[16:17] and some others it looks like
[16:17] see, look, i’m not that big of a merb expert
[16:17] i don’t know all of the awesome features for that kind
[16:17] and i need help with that
[16:17] also, optimization is big
[16:17] this thing needs to run killer fast
[16:18] eventually, we will be using slices i think to run
different versions
[16:18] different versions for each phone
[16:18] right now its WebKit
[16:18] since that works for Android and iPhone
[16:18] the big thing missing right now is…
[16:18] its kind of built for the iPhone native app which
need a search bar
[16:19] getting it running requires a few things
[16:19] first… obviously the gems
[16:19] secondly, to get it running, you either need to run it
“merb -e test”
[16:19] so that it will guess “en”
[16:19] for the language
[16:19] OR
[16:19] you can setup hosts
[16:19] en.*
[16:19] es.*
[16:20] eventually they will be
[16:20] etc
[16:21] there is a third project mediawiki-ruby
[16:22] which is using the API
[16:22] but, the API won’t supply html
[16:22] and we need to parse the wikitext
[16:22] wikitext is extremely complex
[16:22] so, right now, the app itself is just using Curl::Easy

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