The DemoApps page is currently blank. In Version #22, it
had links to the OpenSourceProjects and RealWorldUsage
pages. Unfortunately, it had two copies of these. I’d
like the page to have one copy of these links, but I don’t
see an Edit link on the page.

The OpenSourceProjects page has been spammed with pr0n. I
looked at Version 1275, which doesn’t have the spam, but it
has many duplicate entries (e.g., to NorfelloCMMS and
RubyTimeTracker v1.0). It may be appropriate to split it
up (as RealWorldUsage has been).

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Rich M. wrote:

up (as RealWorldUsage has been).

When you look at a previous version, you see two copies of the content.
I think it’s supposed to be showing two different versions, to allow
comparison, but the i2 wiki has a bug and doesn’t do this correctly.

If you use the “Back in time” link to go back to a good version, you can
then use the “Rollback” link to bring up the usual edit form, with the
source of that good version. You should see there that you are only
dealing with one copy of the content, and you can check that there is no
hidden spam (some spammers put a DIV with hidden style, or 1px height or
width, at the beginning or end of the content) before committing the

RealWorldUsage had to be split up because it was over the 64K limit for
pages in the i2 database. OpenSourceProjects is only about 20K at

Spamming of the wiki has risen to a peak in recent weeks, with many
pages being hit multiple times a day. This makes it impossible for the
people rolling back spam to keep up - it’s inevitable that a heavily
spammed page is left showing spam more of the time than it’s showing
good content. Work is going on to replace the i2 wiki with Jim W.'s
Ruse wiki, which has many spam protection features. It would be good to
add some simple protection (registration or CAPTCHA) to i2 in the mean


Justin F.