Wierd stuff in an controller


I’ve something wierd in an controller of mine. It’s an wizard
controller, that does some stuff for an advertisement.
The wierd thing is, that some logic is not executed when I go though
the wizard. All views render perfectly, but the logic doesn’t execute.
Like this:

def step 1
#reset session

def step2
#check some details of the first form

def step3
#displays an simple form nothing else…

def step4
#saves data, works!

def step5
#FAILS! doesn’t execute the logic

def finish
#FAILS! doesn’t execute…

Very strange indeed!!!

How Can I slove this, or were do I need to look?

Ohw yeah, the routes involved look like this:
map.wizard_step1 ‘/wizard_step1’, :controller => ‘wizard’, :action =>
map.wizard_step2 ‘/wizard_step2’, :controller => ‘wizard’, :action =>
map.wizard_step3 ‘/wizard_step3’, :controller => ‘wizard’, :action =>
map.wizard_step4 ‘/wizard_step4’, :controller => ‘wizard’, :action =>
map.wizard_step5 ‘/wizard_step5’, :controller => ‘wizard’, :action =>
map.wizard_finish ‘/wizard_finish’, :controller => ‘wizard’, :action =>

If you could please help me?

David W.

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I never said it was your fault, I said I was going to blame you!!!

On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 7:46 AM, David W.
[email protected] wrote:

def step4

map.wizard_finish ‘/wizard_finish’, :controller => ‘wizard’, :action => ‘finish’

If you could please help me?


First, you need to ask this on the ruby on rails forum, not the ruby
language forum.


before you post there, you need to add more info. I doubt that
controller actions which consist solely of comments are failing in any
interesting way, and even if they are you need to provide more info
about how they are failing.

There are lots of helpful folks on both the ruby and ruby on rails
forum, but I haven’t seen any who were clairvoyant!

Rick DeNatale

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