Widgets GWT, newbie to rails

Hi. I am investigating different tools to make my first ajax website.

First thing I tried was Google Web Toolkit, which I managed to get
working fairly Ok. Once I did all the finicky XML config files and
everything. The hardest part was trying to position the various frames
and widgets which was a real pain - didnt seem to act the way I thought
it would. GWT is very poorly documented. Also I had a heap of pain
trying to get my test app working on an external hosted server - to the
point where I gave up and resolved to try RoR.

After skimming through the online ‘Agile development with Rails’ I am a
bit confused about how I do AJAX type controls with RoR. This was the
strength of GWT for me. Knowing nothing about RoR, I expected to it to
have ‘widget’ type functionality built right in - reuseable ajax
controls…all the work already done. But this is not the case?

Is there some kind of summary of using RoR for ajax websites that
starts dumb but goes into good detail about how to do it? because if I
have to write my own widgets, Im really not interested. I dont know
anything about html or javascript and I dont want to know.


I just started with ror myself but I’ve done some ajax work. These two
have proven invaluable to me. So I hope this will get you going.