Why "usrp2::tx_raw: FIXME: short packet" still appear

Hello all,

I tried ‘ofdm example’ on my two computers. I used
and ‘benchmark_ofdm_rx.py’ for test.

  1. If I use computer A as transmiter and computer B as receiver. The
    transmission is successful.
  2. But if I take B as transmitter and A as receiver. B will report
    ‘usrp2::tx_raw: FIXME: short packet’ sometimes.
  3. And if B transmits in discontinuous mode, the error ‘short packet’
    disappear but the signal transmitted out still seems not correct since A
    cannot demodulate it correctly. Some data may be lost at the transmitter
    side. (Later, I’ll open logging to confirm this.)

I had a look in the discussion list and I found this error should have
fixed in gnuradio3.2.2. But at that time computer B used gnuradio3.2.0.
So I
reinstalled gnuradio for version 3.2.2. But this error still appears.

A computer is FC8 + gnuradio3.2.2
B computer is FC10 + gnuradio3.2.2

What does other configuration need to make the ethernet port work well?

Thanks a lot for your help!!
Best Wishes