Why SuperInPlaceControls doesn't Save in partials?

Does anyone know why if I use SuperInPlaceControls in partial, the
editing doesn’t work? I can start editing but when I click ‘Ok’ the
application is saying “Saving…”, however once it’s done it doesn’t
display any value (not even the old one). Also, when I revisit the
page I get my old value to display and not the one I changed to. I’m
using HAML for my view.

This is what I have in my controller:

class FriendshipsController < BaseController
in_place_edit_for :friendship, :friendship_notes

This is what I have in my view:

  • @user_friendships.each do |friendship|
    =render :partial => “users/sidebar_user”, :locals => {:friendship =>

This is what I have in my partial _sidebar_user.html.haml:

  • @friendship = friendship
    = in_place_text_field :friendship, :friendship_notes

Any thoughts what might be wrong? Does SuperInPlaceControls plugin
work well with partials?

Please help,