Why_sandbox 1.9 support

I tried sending this to the list before.
It turned out that I wasn’t registered to ruby-forum so I am unsure as
to if this made it to the mailing list. If this email already exists I
apologize for the duplicate email


I have begun the process of taking why’s freaky freaky sandbox code
and updating the c extensions in it to compile for ruby 1.9.1.
It appears, looking through Google cache that why apparently had
started working on a 1.9.1 version of the freaky freaky sandbox.

Does anyone have this code locally by any remote chance?

If not, then my questions all revolve around how threading works in
ruby 1.9.1-p243.

Specifically, I understand that threading is different in 1.9 than it
is in 1.8.6.
Maybe I just need to rewrite the entire sand_table.c file, but what is
the 1.9.1
analog to rb_thread_t *thread;

Here is a gist of the failure I am running into:

I have sand_hacks.c converted over to the 1.9 way of doing things

My repo is a fork of parolkar’s.

Not to get too off topic, but I have also be considering that maybe I
should be using fibers in the 1.9.1 version of this sandbox rather
than threads.

Is this an idiotic idea in the context of creating a sandbox?
In other words, while fibers appear to be lighter weight memory wise
than threads, is there a security reason for using threads instead?

Thanks in advanced.

Andrew McElroy