Why is this variable here?

Why is this variable here?
And should I put ‘word’ there as well ? Rubocop wants me to.

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See: https://docs.ruby-lang.org/en/2.7.0/Enumerable.html#method-i-sort_by

sort_by returns the value on which to sort the list.

Your frequencies are a hash, and so a collection of key->value pairs, in your case word->count pairs. The sort_by call is returning an array of [word, count] pairs, ordered by count.

2.7.1 :001 > freq = {"a" => 2, "b" => 3, "c" => 1}
2.7.1 :002 > freq.sort_by {|word, count| count}
 => [["c", 1], ["a", 2], ["b", 3]] 
2.7.1 :003 > freq.sort_by {|word, count| word}
 => [["a", 2], ["b", 3], ["c", 1]] 
2.7.1 :004 > 

Notice how line 2 returns the word-count pairs ordered by count, and line 3 returns the word-count pairs ordered by word.

Rubocop may be complaining because you have a named variable, word, which does not get used. You could try replacing ‘word’ with ‘_’.

So, in my code it’s ordered by count ?
‘count’ should be on the same line as the .sortby so its clear what it is doing.