Why is python winning

xchat has some kind of ruby plugin; I suppose one could write
addons in ruby and have had them work in xchat, I never used them myself
my question is - are bindings like this possible in hexchat as
shevy, the ruby plugin is dead and outdated, if somebody were
familiar with the ruby C api they could update it to work with hexchat
aha ok, thanks TingPing
sadly I only know ruby, not C :slight_smile:
try python :wink:
TingPing hmm hexchat has support for addons written in python3?

Why are there so many python devs out there writing bindings
in C to python, and ruby has significantly less people
available to do the same?

Ruby is the better language but python has more users AND
developers. The speed difference is negligible.

Is it because the ruby C api is much harder to work with
than python? And if not, why are there a million python
devs knowing C and the pool of ruby hackers with C
AND willing to commit to it are so fewer?

I think the simple answer is that Python was popular before Ruby, and
was therefore used in more programs. After that’s it’s a
self-perpetuating cycle. More people learn it because it’s more widely
used because more people learn it…

Ruby should be equally popular to Python. But right now most rubyist are
happy coding for the web using Ruby on Rails, and thats it they don’t
venture deep into Ruby. As time passes, people will dive into Ruby and
make it as useful as Python, no doubt about that. But this does not mean
that Python will become less than Ruby in any way. Both languages are
equally great and are doing lot of good to free software.

Robert H. wrote

Why is python winning

Ruby 2.1 was released on 25th Dec and there is still no rubyinstaller
(the de facto windows ruby standard) and the core ruby developers seems
to give a fuck about it. That’s why python is winning.