Whitestone 1.0.1 -- simple and succinct unit testing

Hi all,

A long time ago, I imagined my ideal unit testing library. In the
of 2010, I created it (using Suraj N Karaputi’s “dfect” v2.1.0 as a
starting point) and called it “attest”, but never got around to
it. Well now I have. Except the name “attest” is taken, so I renamed
“whitestone”: it’s the nicest sounding word in /usr/share/dict/words
containing the word “test”.

It’s not going to take over the testing world, but it’s what keeps my
projects in line. If you’re interested in testing libraries, you’ll
it worth a look. Note: “test” not “spec”. And there’s no mocks, stubs,
etc. either. I’m not knocking those things, but they haven’t been
necessary for my projects.

Here are the assertion methods:

T – assert true
F – assert false
N – assert object is nil
Eq – assert two objects are equal
Mt – assert string matches regular expression
Id – assert two objects are identical (same object)
E – assert error is raised
Ko – assert an object is kind_of a class/module
Ft – assert two floats are essentially equal
C – assert object is thrown

Key features include terse code, colorful and helpful output, custom
assertions, a powerful and intuitive test runner, simple debugger

Homepage: http://gsinclair.github.com/whitestone.html
Code: GitHub - gsinclair/whitestone: Simple and succinct unit testing (Ruby)
Licence: MIT