White pages after testing my app in production env locally

Hey guys,

I wanted to test my rails app (Rails version 4.2.3) in the production
environment. So I prepared for this like followed:

i) I precompiled all of my assets, using rake assets:precompile

ii) In the production.rb I changed the line from
config.serve_static_files = false to
config.serve_static_files = true

After the preperation I started my Webrick server in production

I executed my Rails app in the browser and there I got confused.

The content (in form of text) is present. Everything else is not.

No stylesheets, no images are shown. So everything looks like

black-text on white background. If i check the sourcecode inside the

then I see that everything was loaded “successfully”.

are present. Also the images are. So the assets seems to be “there” but
they dont affect anything.

I tried to find a solution on google.com but still after 2 hours of
research, i have not found anything that could help me.

Hey guys,

It is me again. I finally managed to solve the “problem”. Well it was
not really a problem. I forgot to mention to you that I switched from
Webrick to Passenger server.

I was pre-compiling the assets during my app ran on Webrick server.

That’s the reason why the assets were not available when I started the
application with Passenger.

So I just re-pre-compiled the assets => restarted the Passenger server
=> reloaded my rails map and everything was just fine.