Which Rails Book

Now that we have version 2, is Agile Web Programming with Rails book
still useful?

I want to buy it. I need advice if it is still worth.


It doesn’t currently support 2.0 stuff… unless there is a newer
version I am not aware of.

I would buy the PDF version and purchase 2 Peepcode videos. 1) the one
on RESTful development 2) Starting from Scratch Part 2

Another great resource is RailsCasts.com

On Feb 5, 11:50 pm, Zablon O. [email protected]

Most of the book is still relevant, and I think it is still
worthwhile, but there are a few places where it can trip you up, and
it doesn’t of course explain the new ways to do things in Rails 2.

The best Rails 2 book by far is The Rails Way, but it is not a
beginner’s book.

Michael S.
Resources for Rails Developers

On Feb 5, 11:50 pm, Zablon O. [email protected]