Which Payment Gateway?

I am working on an application where users sign up for one of several
plans. Each plan has a different monthly fee. There is no long term
contract but I would like to bill the users automatically each month
unless service is canceled.

What credit card gateways would you recommend for use with a rails

My criteria in order of importance are

  1. API that will let me work in ruby and rails with the gateway. I
    don’t mind using a third party library like Active Merchant if the
    gateway does not directly support ruby.
  2. I need the ability to bill monthly and automatically without keeping
    credit card information on my servers.
  3. Cost. Low setup and monthly fees are very important as I will be
    self funding this project until it gets off the ground. The cut the
    gateway takes per transaction is also important but I am willing to give
    a little there in exchange for kick-butt service.

Discussion of the perks and negatives of various gateways as well as
details about rails payment libraries would also be most helpful.

Thank you,
Matthew M.

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We’ve used the Paypal Payment API with great success for automating
subscription payments. While it’s a bit of a downer that users have to
leave your server (they can stil use a credit card though) integrating
with PayPal is very easy with the PayPal gem.

It’s also, by far, the fastest to setup in terms of approval process
(there isn’t really one - just need a business account)…no gateway
providers and merchant accounts needed.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe authorize.net has
subscription functionality (it’s in the api, but I don’t think it is

You can see it in action here:


On 6/14/06, Matthew M. [email protected] wrote:

don’t mind using a third party library like Active Merchant if the
details about rails payment libraries would also be most helpful.

Thank you,
Matthew M.

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Doesn’t Paypal make your customers approved the billing on each cycle
they get billed? At least that’s how they used to do it. Authorizenet
have recurring billing, but it’s not automated, you have to go into
web interface and create a billing profile manually. Verisign has
billing, as does Trust Commerce. I’m a developer for Payment Online and
have one of the better recurring billing systems IMO, just not the
If you need features like being able to lookup or update subscription
parameters via an api (for customer self management interfaces, multi
subscriptions, etc…), we are one of the only companies so far that has
ability. Well unless you go with someone like Sandlot, but that’s a
different price range.

Also, IMO you should stay away from paypal or any other third party
service for subscriptions. If you ever need to move to a different
provider, you won’t be able to take your customers with you and import
into the new system. That’s because with a third party billing service,
customer is legally theirs not yours and they are prohibited from giving
the card numbers.


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Pretty much any payment gateway will let you work in ruby on rails. The
trick is writing the code to interface with the gateway.Most gateways
use some sort of http post to a url and then return a response which you
have to decode.

Take a look at the payment gem to get an idea of how this is done. It
should be pretty trivial from that to write an interface for any http
style payment gateway.
I’ve done extensions which work with netbilling and eprocessing.


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I am using paypal for my ecommerce, this one is most trusted payment system i have ever used.

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u can used stripe gem