Which JS/Ajax library to use with RoR



I am beginning to soak myself into JS/Ajax stuff and I am quite confused
because of the myriad of AJAX books/frameworks - Its even worse than RoR
in this sense (i.e. in the case of RoR, half of the people are writing
books on it, and i believe this value is even higher with AJAX :wink: Of
course this is not a bad thing, but if a newbie has to choose something
it can be really hard.
So my questions:

  1. Which book should i buy on AJAX, preferably with as much Ruby/Rails
    examples/orientation as possible. Is the pragmatic book on Ajax OK?
  2. Which framework should i use? Prototype seems logical to me because
    also script.aculo.us is using it. Is it OK or do you recommend to use
    something else?

Basically i need the JS/Ajax knowledge to do the following thing from

  1. A DB has a lots of rows
  2. I want to trigger a code (e.g. by clicking a button) which does
    something with these records. The process is very time consuming, so i
    will use an AJAX request to run it in the background
  3. Update the page from where the action was triggered say every 10
    seconds with the partial results

Can you point me to a tutorial which does something like this? Probably
this is quite basic and i could find something myself, but i would like
to hear your opinion on the framework etc.



I think Rails uses Prototype and script.aculo.us
I think the helpers and RJS tenplates do most the writing for you?


JSON in JavaScript: http://www.json.org/js.html

JSON in Ruby: http://rubyforge.org/snippet/detail.php?type=snippet&id=29