Which is the best practices to start a Ruby On Rails project?


I would say that I’m new into Ruby development, but I hope that my experience with Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS will help me to develop much easily a Rails application. So could you please provide me some best practices regarding how to start a new Rails app project ? The front-end app will be written in Angular, in Rails will be developed the back-end part , API and other related services.

If you need any other information, please let me know.

Thank you and have a wonderful night.

Hello lnu,

Check this one:

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The RoR Tutorial by Michael Hartl provides a great overview of how to leverage Rails for rapid development.

Give it a quick skim!

Use angular for output only ! For security reason.

If you need to use Angular or any JavaScript to read a field you must do real good test a validation.

And never use it for a payment form