Which is the best online document conversion site?

Can anyone tell me that which is the best online document conversion
site? And what’s the best features of that site?

I’m getting ready to try converting one of my behemoth AppleScripts to
Ruby. This particular script is a custom HTML to DITA XML script that
takes HTML generated from one of our SW tools at work and converts them
to DITA XML for the writing group. I started playing around with
nokogiri, which looks promising for the parsing part. My question is am
I going to have to rewrite the XML output part or is there another tool
that might be helpful? (FYI, for those not familiar with DITA, it’s not
as easy as just swapping tags out, there are a lot of things that also
have to be done, especially with tables and row spans).


Thanks Dave, looks like a perfect solution for me.


Not familiar with DITA, but have a look at builder.



If you contact [email protected] - they have been putting xml
tags through their engine as SaaS tool for over a decade for MNC

Its a captive site but give this reference from us and they may give you
a quote.

If you get through, you’ll be happy. You really will.

All the best,

Here is it just click on onlinedocumentconversion.com and convert your
files easily with great quality.

You will probably get a better response if you told us what sort of
documents you want to convert from and what you want to convert to.