Which Continuous Integration System To Use?

What continuous integration system to people suggest I use?

From what I can tell their is continuous_builder, CIA (continuous
integration automater) in the rubyonrails.com repository. Plus, their
others like DamageControl.

What are people using? What do people recommend?

Thanks :slight_smile:

John K.
[email protected]



Iā€™m currently looking into Bitten [http://bitten.cmlenz.net/]. Those
code coverage reports to integrate with rcov, extensive online insight
into build status, and support for multiple build slaves (not
unimportant as we have run into many Windows/*nix compatibility issues)
are looking awesome.

Anyone have any Rails build recipes before I start writing them up

  • Roderick

There is also cerberus, which is in Ruby and is quite cool :slight_smile: