Which Chapters are still Valid from Agile Web 2nd Edition

Which Chapters are still Valid from Agile Web D. with Rails 2nd


I am aware that the third edition ( Beta ) is available for use. But it
seems many students already have 2nd edition on their shelves, which
they are landing to others to read as well.

It would be nice to know, that what chapters should we read from that

I do not want to ready any obsolete/discarded material from that book
and get confused. Since many developers here own that great book, it
would be nice to get the list of chapters that will be helpful even
after 3rd edition arrives.

This would save time as well as take maximum advantage, before the final
edition of 3rd edition arrives.

I am inviting expert developers to please place the list of the Valid
chapters here…


I would say all of them, but make it into a “what parts of this are
not working” sort of hunt and then when things are not working, scour
the internet for information. You’ll probably learn a lot more about
the inner workings of Rails along with the differences between 1.2.x
and 2.x that way than anything else.

On Jun 23, 10:41 pm, Rahil K. [email protected]