Where would this logic go in Rails?

Right now Im using helpers to populate select menus in my views.



def some_options
[ ‘Option1’, ‘Option2’, ‘Option3’ ]


<%= select :object, :option, some_options %>

However I would also like to do my validation on these options as well,
making sure nothing is out of bounds.

So, my question is where can I place this logic to make it available for
validations and views. Should this go in the model?

If the options aren’t coming from a database table, I would put them
in a constant array inside the model, such as:


[ “Canada”, “CAN” ],
[ “United States”, “US” ],
[ “England”, “UK” ],
[ “Other”, “OT” ],

and then just use this array as the source for your select menu. If
these select objects are related to your model, you can then validate
by using something like:

validates_presence_of :country_name

or use a custom validation if it’s more complicated.


Mike, thanks this worked very well.

For instance

GENDER = [ ‘Male’, ‘Female’ ].freeze

validates_inclusion_of :gender, :in => GENDER,
:message => “is invalid”

def self.gender_options()

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