Where to report ActiveRecord unit test failures?

I just wondered - what is the policy on unit test failures in the
ActiveRecord trunk? Actually I’ve got two questions…

  • is it normal for the trunk to fail unit tests, or is it always an
    oversight when this happens?

  • if you notice test failures, what should you do to inform people?

Specifically, I’m testing a version of a patch that someone else has
modified. I just checked out the trunk and ran the unit tests on SQL
Server to get a baseline before I applied the patch, but got 6
failures and 4 errors. I’m guessing that relatively few Rails
developers use SQL Server so the tests are not run against it as
often (we still use it at work for some stuff so I have access to a
copy). How do you get round the problem of different developers
using different systems?

Or is the Rails team already hiding a big datacentre somewhere,
running SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle enterprise editions checking that
nothing ever breaks…