Where to put pages not baked by controllers


I am developing an application that supports internationalization. I
have public pages (in public folder) that are not backed by any
controller, but I need them to be rendered in the correct locale and to
apply a layout to them. Do you have any workaround to it? Where should I
place this pages in order to be executed as .rhtml but without going
through any controller?


how about letting apache serve them & use mod_rewrite (or whatever is
the appropriate apache handler for internationalization)

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I don’t know of a way to have controller-less pages in Rails but you can
something like Merb or Camping alongside Rails to do Erb processing.

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You can just add a controller to server such pages. You don’t need to
add actions for each pages. Just put those templates inside
controllers’s view directory and rails will serve them as rhtml even
if you don’t have an action defined.

It’s a nice idea to have a controller as it’ll let you do caching

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