Where to put my images

I would like to know where and how I should be implementing my own
for the externally facing interface of my app.

  1. I am assuming I should put them in /public/images. Is this the
    recommended method?

  2. I have tried this and cannot get Radiant to recognize my added images
    that directory.

A test example running locally on my machine:

When I type:

I see the minus.png image that is part of the Radiant backend interface.

When I make a copy of minus called minuscopy.png and keep it in the
directory and then call

I get the file not found error message.

I think I have the permissions set properly. I have the same issues
with my
hosted site testing.

I can call up all the images through my local apache server. So it seems
there is some Radiant behaviour getting in the way. (I am nubie class so
could be missing something obvious)

Any suggestions would be welcome.


Hi Philip,

I got stumped by a similar problem. I figured out that my
configuration at my host (textdrive) had a web/public/ directory that
my public files should go in, rather than the railsapp/public/images
directory I was use to.

Hope that helps.