Where to get help about the Rails framework structure

Hi, I would like to understand better how Rails work… I mean how the
framework is structured.

For instance, what happens when an address is requested for Apache or
Webrick or any other? Which application is called first? How are
loaded? In which order? What happens before what? How validations are
handled? Where goes a ‘puts’ output in a controller’s action?

Are there any resources explaining how Rails is structure in this
level of
details? I could read the sources, but I would need to know where to
with. What is the main application in the framework. That one that
environment.rb, routes.rb, plugins and so on…



AWDwR has some discussion of this. For reading the source you
probably want to read config/boot.rb and go from there.


Thank you, Faisal.


Yes, I still find the need of a book which will explain in detail about
framework. As you get more experience you will come to know to the most
the framework structure. I am more interested in understanding how
server handles exceptions and threads.

Also I found that if we have puts in the controller actions. It affects
views rendered specially rjs views. I am still not clear about it.

Please do provide resources which have in detail framework information.

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