Where to define Og relations

I just found out the hard way that defining a ‘belongs_to’ relation at
the beginning of the model class does not work. Once any managed
attributes are defined it does works.

require “og”

class Word
belongs_to WordList

attr_accessor :definitions, Array

./app/model/word.rb:3: undefined method `belongs_to’ for Word:Class


class Word
attr_accessor :definitions, Array

belongs_to WordList

works fine.


class Word
include Og::RelationDSL
belongs_to WordList

attr_accessor :definitions, Array

also works fine.

It’s not clear to me if this is intended or not, has_many seems to work
fine once “og” is required. I haven’t checked the other types of

G, is this known/intended? If so it should be documented. Robert, you
could perhaps add this to your cheatsheets? Very nice work BTW! I’m
using them all the time now.



Arne B.
[email protected]

It’s not clear to me if this is intended or not, has_many seems to work
fine once “og” is required. I haven’t checked the other types of

This is known/intended. Are you sure that has_many works without
defining a
serializable attribute first?
This is what I use:

class Word
is Og::Model
belongs_to :user

the shortcut is that calling attr_accessor :filed, Type automatically
includes Og::Model.

I hope this helps

Some of the relation declarations are for the benefit of Og in schema

Others are for the benefit of Forms in generating form elements to bind
relations ( see the views in nitro/part/admin/og )


This is similar to something I mentioned awhile back. And it has one
particular issue. The documentation does not evolve and get transported
users when they do, say… “sudo gem install og --version= 0.40.0” or
however you would type this for a specific version. (don’t feel like
it up) Including og and nitro documentation in rdoc along with the code
accomplishes your goal and it keeps all evolving changes to
with the pertinent code. Tutorials should be a part of the rdoc
documentation is what I’m saying. Oxyliquit provides a place for users
post tutorial ideas and the base ones, like your cheatsheets get
with every gem.

As for the collaborative documentation aspect, I’ll have to think
that for a bit. The back of my head is screaming wiki with an automated
export into darcs that only george can kick off. I’ll post back when I
some more defined ideas.

I would be willing to post an example of what I propose to this list
you guys to consider. I know this doesn’t necessarily associate the
threads like on the php docs site you mentioned, I’d have to put more
thought into that than I have available brain power currently.

Just my 2cents


Below is the comment I made a while back about documentation called
Documentation and Tutorials up-to-date”

Hi all,

to knock putting them there, it’s actually one of the top locations new
the information a newbie needs to get their feet wet and attempt to get to
to get it working, but they should know what is possible with the class or
RDocs. This has key advantages…
3 - The published RDocs can be available through your website and through
you want to communicate howto ___. I’m all done ranting.

Criticism always welcome,

Chris Scheper

Sorry… I misunderstood the question… I’m up to my eyeballs in
exploring Og right now, and its filtering everything I see. I look at
my wife and kids and visualize the generated foreign key attributes that
join us… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kudos. What I’d like more than my cheatsheets is a
collaborative effort to produce documentation similar to the PHP docs –
http://www.php.net/docs.php. I see it as a nitro app, with content
in DocBook or something similar. Perhaps Nitro elements could be
created named similarly to DocBook elements, such that the docbook pages
can be served up directly, as-is. The same pages could be used later
to generate a print book – produced by a community(!) with proceeds
going back to the project.

Would someone be willing to host that in a mercurial or darcs archive?


Ok, probably won’t get it done till Sunday.


I would be willing to post an example of what I propose to this list for
you guys to consider.

please do so.


Well this is my first attempt at a patch but here goes.

It’s really just an addition of rdoc information for Og::Model. I’d
like to
make one for Og::Mixin as well, because I need to make quite a few
for og and I’m not sure how to do it. I’ll see what I can put together
post it here as well.


thank you :slight_smile:


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